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Fishpools Organic Approach to Link Building

This week, I’m talking all things organic. Not organic veg (although that is a wonderful thing) but our organic or natural approach to link building.

If you didn’t yet catch our post on the importance of link-building for SEO then you might want to head to that post first. Building links to your website in a natural, effective manner is key to the success of great, white hat SEO. Over the past two years, we’ve honed and tweaked our organic approach to link building, which has (slowly but surely) become one of the best services we offer to all of our Partners.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s the lowdown on Fishpool’s organic approach to link building, it’s amazing benefits and what it takes to run this highly valuable service.

Before I delve into Fishpool’s approach and how we go about building links, let’s just take a minute to understand the three pillars of effective link-building: Content, Outreach and Links.

Content:all things must start with exceptional quality content. And we don’t just mean grammatically brilliant (although that is important!) We mean interesting, industry-relevant content. Content that is useful, offers insight or is valuable to its readers in some way. Excellent content really is the only starting point.

Outreach; many people are unfamiliar with the term ‘outreach’ so let me clarify. Outreach is the process whereby we start to get the content ‘out there’, aiming to get it in front of the right eyes. But this isn’t simply tweeting the content (although that does form part of it), outreach is strategic. It’s designed to build relationships and like-minded connections with the people who will relate to your content and find it most useful. Outreach is about building relationships and networking to make contacts in the right places.

Links: and then, those all-important links. Building links from webpage-to-webpage is so important. But let’s just take them out of the context of SEO for a moment. Links from one website to another provide further sources of information. They build connections from article to article, referencing external sources where needed. They cite extra information on related topics which is why well-placed links providing sound, beneficial and relevant information are invaluable. We call these links ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ because they are meant to be there. But our job is to build links to our Partners’ websites in the most natural way possible. And our approach to how we go about this is outlined below.

Now we know a little more about the theory and strategy, let’s look closer at Fishpool’s approach, specifically.

  1. We always start with quality content.

We said it above and we’ll say it again. You can only commence the link-building process with great content to get things up and running. We have a tight team of talented writers and content creators, and coming up with fresh ideas and turning them into quality pieces is their forte. The content all meets readability and technical SEO requirements and, above all, is interesting, shareable and relevant to our Partners’ industry.

  1. We don’t just outreach; we communicate, collaborate and network.

We’ve been building a network, and we are really, really proud of it. It’s still evolving as we meet new people and add new connections, but, it’s a network of like-minded content creators who publish quality content across a range of different industries. We’re not gonna name drop (as that would be giving away all the secrets) but, we can assure you that it’s an all-human, tangible, pick-up-the-phone and have a natter kind of network.

Effective communication during this stage is key. It requires ninja-level organisation skills, which means spreadsheets, a great CRM and the memory of an elephant. ‘Communication’ is often overlooked in the corporate world. But we rely on it to build, maintain and manage our networks effectively, so we can deliver optimal results.

  1. We then build relevant, high-quality and meaningful backlinks.

But how? Through our outreach efforts, calling upon our well-establish contacts. We work in close collaboration with our network to ensure our content and any backlinks provided land in the natural, and therefore, most optimal, places. Our unique network makes our organic link building efforts really effective for our Partners.

It’s all about sharing the best content, getting it into the right places. Whilst also keeping this in-line with the technical strategy, so the anchor texts, landing pages and links built are all optimised to remain natural and yes, you guessed it, organic!

Want to know more about how our digital marketing services can help your business thrive? Then check out our ‘Partner Programme‘ page for all the nitty gritty! Or you if you just want to read more about SEO in general, then check out the other pieces on our blog.